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Using the SMART Board with Interactive Websites
Explore some of the listed sites

Eduscapes - Flash
Collage Machine
Brain Games - Lumosity
Pauly's Game Page
National Gallery of Art for Kids
The Learning Box
Create a Graph
Geogebra Wiki - Examples of how to use Geogebra
Visual Thesaurus
Jefferson County List of Interactive Websites
Word Magnets

Screen Clock
Arts Alive - Activities and Games
Invention at Play
Thumb Piano Tunes
Children's Museum - Dinosphere
My Pyramid
BBC KS2 Bitsize
What2Learn Reading Activities
Writing Activities
Math Activities
Social Studies and Science Activities
Secret Builders
MySkool UK
Electronic Books and Online Reading
Mare's Build a Fish
Geometric Shapes
Engineering and Science

Middle/High School
Exemplary Resources for Middle School Math and Science
A Plus Math
Estimate Brainpop
American Presidency Activities
English Grammar
Periodic Table of Elements
Literary Doodle
Cell Biology Animation
Molecular Expressions
Interactive Citation Game - APA and MLA Citations
Electronic Books and Online Reading
Math Interactives
Math Snacks (Grades 6-8)
Interactive Science Simulations - University of Colorado

K-6 Science Harcourt Text
Science Up Close

Other Resources
SMART Tech Lessons
MySkoool UK
SMART Notebook Lessons
SMART Board Mini Movies

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Software Tools that can be used on a Interactive Whiteboard


Interactive Software for Purchase
Word Magnets

Getting to Know Your SMART Board
Use your finger as a mouse
Orient the board - Simultaneously press and hold the on-screen keyboard button and the right mouse button on the pen tray
Writing with the On-Screen Keyboard

SMART Notebook Software 10
Activate with Product Key
Welcome Center
  • Quick Start Tab
  • Tools Tab
  • Teacher Hub
  • Help/Support
Floating Tools
  • Customize
  • Move
  • Hide/Show
Ink Layer - Write over applications
  • Clear notes but leave layer in place to continue writing more notes
  • Save notes as a graphic with your file
  • Insert writing as fully editable typed text
  • Capture notes and send to the Notebook software
  • Replace all pens and touch ink layer for menu
Notes Captured in Notebook Software
  • Resize captured image
  • Erase unwanted notes
  • Remove background from notes
  • Change handwritten notes to text
  • Recognize handwriting in different languages

SMART Notebook Software
SMART- created Lesson Activities
Create own engaging lesson activities

Scholastic SMART Notebook Lessons

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