Photo-sharing and hosting service that provides several ways to share your uploaded photos

Getting Started:
1. Create an account (Needed to upload and share own photos BUT can browse and download public photos without an account)
NOTE: Flickr is part of Yahoo, so you may use your Yahoo ID if you already have one. If not, you will have to create a Yahoo ID.

2. Edit your Account Settings
  • Click on your name to access your account settings
  • Go through each tab and make all the necessary changes

3. Upload photos
  • Various ways to upload photos, start by uploading from the Flickr site
  • Make sure you have access to your photos from your computer
  • Log in to your Flickr account
  • Click on Upload Photos and Videos then choose photos or videos that are located on your computer and upload
  • Add titles, descriptions and tags to your photos

4. Organize photos
  • Batch Organize - "The Organizr" let's you manage and edit your photos as a batch
  • Create Sets - grouping your photos and videos around a certain theme
  • Create Groups - Public, anyone can join, Public, invitation only, Private - cannot be made public later - to SHARE content and discussion that focuses on a particular theme. Each group has a pool for photos and/or video and a discussion board. NOTE: Always make sure there isn't a group already focused on your content.

Using Flickr in the Classroom
Flickr for Education - Group on Flickr
Use anytime visual images are required for a project
  • Digital Storytelling projects
  • Motivational Posters
  • Illustration of concepts
With Movie Maker projects
Use in blogs
Virtual Field Trip
Digital Portfolios
Intellectual Property Rights Discussion
Slide shows
With Google Earth for Geography
Flicktion - (Upload photos and have your students comment on them with a little bit of "fiction"
Writing prompts
Project 365 - a photo a day for an entire year - (Can be adapted for your classroom)

Spell with Flickr
The alphabet - the letter M IMG_5609_2 letter E letter S letter C

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